"Be Dope Manifesto" was a little zine I created to lift spirits and remind artist and designers to never doubt themselves when starting new projects.
"San Anto Livin" was just one regular day in San Antonio. You come across a lot of things in the city but most of it is common.
"Stuff" is just a pocket zine I created using found images from old magazines, and random
photos I've taken. This was a fun one to make because it was more of a experiment with
content and layout.  

"The Blur Book" Is a booklet I created with random blurry photos I had in my camera.  

"Xerox Fun" was created after I found out that you could manipulate anything you stuck under a Xerox Machine. I just found images from magazines and went wild. 
"Weekends Over" was created because me and my roommate had one more weekend left at our apartment, so I decided to make a short documentation book.
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